“Rock The Bells”/T.I. back in Jail/Jaz-o’s come back/G.O.O.D. music beef/new Young Jeezy

Posted: September 5, 2011 in Hip Hop News, Videos

G.O.O.D. music beef?

According to Hiphopblog.com, Consequence (formerly a G.O.O.D. music artist) turns his attention away from Kanye West and takes shots at Pusha T:

”I Said My Piece…’

Consequence On G.O.O.D. Beef:

Rapper Consequence elaborated on his ongoing war of words with his former compatriots at G.O.O.D. Music. The Queens native said that he is sticking to his guns but will back off from referring to G.O.O.D. head honcho Kanye West in the future.

“You know, it’s just a lot of people talking. Well, not a lot of people talking. It’s one guy talking, and he’s talking about how what I’m doing is pathetic,” Cons said referring to Pusha. “And I think it’s really funny that he says that, because the pressure’s not on me. The pressure’s on him, and that guy is Pusha T. The pressure’s not on me because I’m not on G.O.O.D. Music, and I ain’t been signed to G.O.O.D. Music for a year and [still] don’t have a solid release date. I’m gonna be real with you.”

“I mean, just so we’re clear, what I’m saying is this: what I said I was gonna do, I did. I’m a man of integrity. I’m a man of principle, you know what I’m saying? There never will be clear resolve in the public if I’m the only one saying something about a situation, so as far as me and Kanye goes, he doesn’t mention me so I’m not gonna continue to mention the situation. I said my piece. ”

“As far as Pusha T, for him to jump out and say somebody is pathetic and some artists don’t pop, [just because he thinks] he’s from a standpoint where he’s up. You not up because you signed to GOOD Music. That don’t mean you up,” Cons added. “Sh*t when I signed with G.O.O.D., I didn’t wait a year for distribution and never had to speak on the next man’s release status. We were too busy getting busy [recording]. If you were so up, why weren’t you on [Jay-Z & Kanye West’s] Watch the Throne? Even I was on Beyonce’s [4] album and I don’t even roll with them!”

Consequence takes shots (hiphopblog.com)

 Pictures and performances from the “Rock The Bells”) 

Pictures & Video from \”Rock The Bells\” concert

Jaz-O making a come back?

By Roman Wolfe and Grandmaster Grouchy Greg

  (AllHipHop News) Jay-Z’s former mentor Jaz-O has announced that he will return to the rap game, after a 10-year hiatus.
Representatives for Jaz-O revealed he is working on a new mixtape and an album full of new material, which will be released sometime next year.”Jaz has told us he’s not taking no more breaks,” a rep for the rapper told AllHipHop.com. “So get use to Jaz-O poplin’ up on features, mixtapes and blogs.”In addition to recently rapping over Jay-Z and Kanye West’s hit song “Otis,” Jaz-O just dropped a new single titled “From Da Projects.”Also, Jaz-O has inked a deal with Fork and Spoon Digital Distribution, to re-release his last official album, 2002’s Kingz County, which will hit stores again in mid-November 2011.Jaz-O is crediting with discovering Jay-Z, but they parted ways on bad terms, shortly after Jay-Z launched Roc-A-Fella Records.Over the years, the pair have gone back and forth, sending jabs at one another through their lyrics.Jaz-O’s last high profile diss towards Jay-Z was in 2009, when appeared on Game’s track “Gangsta’s Ride.”

Rapper’s Attorney Seeks Official Notice of Violation
Contributor : Chris G.

T.I. To Remain Jailed Thru September

Hiphopblog.com reports, rapper T.I. will remain in federal prison in Atlanta through September 29th, according to the Federal Bureau of Prisons. His attorney, Steve Sadow, says that authorities have yet to send a formal notice explaining exactly how T.I. violated rules by boarding a motor coach to transport him to a halfway house last Wednesday (August 31.)

“T.I. got on a private bus in the prison’s parking area in full view of BOP employees. Indeed, he was actually escorted to the bus by a prison guard,” Sadow said.

T.I., born Clifford Harris, was being moved from prison in Forrest City, Arkansas to the Atlanta halfway house after serving 11 months for violating his probation in September of 2010.

T.I. back in Jail (hiphopblog.com)

New Young Jeezy ft. Freddie Gibbs: Rough


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