Jay-Z & Kanye bringing back the old school/Did Baby purchase cd’s for Wayne? to be #1/Big Sean’s new video Ft. Kanye West/AZ & Nas reunite/Ruff Ryderz making a come back

Posted: September 8, 2011 in Hip Hop News, Videos
Is Jay-Z & Kanye bringing back old school elements to hip hop?
by: Cory Banks of The Hip Hop Discussion

Listening to “Watch The Throne” I’m reminded of sounds of the old school.  From the back and forth lyrics between the two in songs like “Gotta Have It”  which is reminiscent of the style of Run DMC  to the break beat in “That’s my bitch” used on break beat records.  Even putting producers like Pete Rock and Rza on the album on songs “The Joy”  & “New Day” or the interlude before or after songs throughout the album.  When I listen to this album I hear the future and it has some old school in it.

We know how Jay-z is known to set trends let’s see if people pay attention to this one.  It would be nice at some point for the dj and mc to reunite to get back to some of the elements that’s missing in the game.  We’ve already scene old school fashion come back to hip hop hopefully the music is going following.  I enjoy that hip hop grown beyond what we imagined however it would be a good feeling to hear some old school sounds that’s new.

Did Baby buy copies Wayne’s  cd to boost sales?

Birdman Refutes That He Purchased Copies To Boost Lil Wayne's

Baby explains that it would be “hustling backwards” to buy extra albums to bolster first week sales.

Yesterday, it was announced that Lil Wayne had sold 964,000 copies of his latest, “Tha Carter IV”, in its first week. But some cried foul, speculating that the label purchased extra albums to try to push the album past the million sales mark.

During an interview with “MTV News”, Birdman refuted the rumors, claiming that buying extra copies of the LP is opposite of what the label stands for.

“Nah, man, that really don’t make no sense. Why would we do that?” he said. “I press and distribute ’em. Ain’t no need for me to buy ’em. That’s hustling backwards; we ain’t in it for that. I ain’t ever been a part of that type of scheme to be buyin’ records. We don’t do that, homey. We be working too hard to be — that don’t go with what we do. We truly what we do. We’re real about what we do, we work hard every day at it, and we work for the people. That’s what we do music for: for people. And we appreciate the love they give us back. But no such thing as me buying no CDs. I wouldn’t even play it like that.”

Baby did explain that the label makes about $10 per album sale, which would tally up direct revenue from the album to almost $10 million.  Read more

Baby purchased copies of Wayne\’s \”Tha Carter IV\” to boost sales

New Video Big Sean Ft. Kanye West “Marvin Gaye and Chardonnay

AZ and Nas back together?

”He Was Doing What He Had To Do”

Contributor : Rayna Dean

AZ On Reuniting With Nas:

Rapper AZ has reunited with his longtime partner-in-rhyme Nas. The Queensbridge lyricists have been linked since Nas’ classic debut album Illmatic, but AZ shares that they had to go in different directions for a little while.

“His career took off on a whole other level at the end of the day and dealing with a lot of things, it puts people in certain zones that they need to be in to progress and sh*t,” AZ explained in an interview. “I understood that he was doing what he had to do and it was like a new role for him and he had to stay focused. I was over here trying to keep my thing alive, doing what I do and the independent thing [which] was a new thing for me because we both started off with majors and was used to that machine.”

“Then I chose to go independent and that was a whole other monster itself,” AZ added. “So, when I bumped back up with him, it was like we never loss a step because there wasn’t no bad blood or malice involved. It was like everyone was growing. When you grow, even as brothers, certain people got different paths in life and they gotta handle things accordingly, so it was understood.” Read more

AZ & Nas reunite

New Project Coming In October
From Ruff Ryderz
Contributor : Chris G.

Ruff Ryders Releasing Compilation

The Ruff Ryders camp is continuing its push for a return to hip hop’s elite. The New York-based rap label is planning to release a new compilation on October 18, showcasing the label’s current roster. The label was a launchpad for stars like DMX, Swizz Beatz and Eve back in the late 1990s.

The as-of-yet untitled mixtape will feature the Ruff Ryders’ latest member Mook on it’s first single “You Know,” an update of DMX’s 1998 smash “Ruff Ryders’ Anthem.”

Mook, formerly known as Murda Mook, signed to Ruff Ryders’ independent extension Ruff Ryders Indy back in 2009. Read more Ruff Ryder completion


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