Are celebrities with dj software messing up the dj game?

Posted: January 11, 2012 in Hip Hop News

By: Cory Banks of The Hip Hop Discussion

Over the holidays Kanye West debuted his dj skills as Dj Yeezy World Peace.   Even Drake has been known to touch the 1’s & 2’s from time to time.   With the invention of Serato and other dj programs it seems that more celebrities are throwing their hats into the dj arena.  Is this messing up the game for  those of us who have put in years of practice and paying dues to get to the next level?  Does this show disrespect to the art of djing?  Do people think that if I have a Serato then I can dj?  Or is the game now open to anyone and djing is no longer the art form that it once was?

What are your thoughts?

  1. ccorpllc says:

    I understand the love for music, music it’s in everything I do. However we should respect each other’s craft and stay in our proverbial lanes. Auto tune does not make you a good singer, a hot hook and a hot track does not mean you’re a good rapper, and djing software does not make you a dj. This is a not a shot at anyone in particular but this is a shot at the those so called dj’s celebrity or not who buy a laptop and a dj program and think that they are dj’s now. This is an art form, a talent, something that takes passion to have, etc. We don’t just play music and talk on the mic.

  2. DJ I AM says:

    This is a difficult question to answer, because most established DJs will answer based upon emotion, which is totally understandable, especially when you’ve invested years of your time, and lots of your money into the art of DJing. It’s hard not to be emotional about the technology that now allows almost anyone to be a DJ, but in my opinion, if DJs intend to stay relevant, they must be willing to embrace change and technology.

    The change has come and there is nothing we can do about. If you’re mad that people are using computer programs and controllers and calling themselves DJs, it’s almost like being mad that you had a large 8 track tape collection when people moved on to cassettes and CDs. New technology will inevitably take over, and the past will be just that, the past!

    We can voice our frustrations about MCs, Actors, Reality Show Personalities etc… becoming DJs but the fact of the matter is that voicing frustration about them becoming DJs because of today’s technology changes nothing and they will still get bookings, and perform as DJs.

    I happen to be old enough to remember when traditional vinyl DJs were angry at DJs who used Serato when it first came out (around 1993), and now 95% of working DJs use Serato. In 10 years, 95% of DJs will be using some form of controler and DJ program. Vinyl will be a nice blast from the past, and CDJs will be remembered fondly, but they will soon be dinosaurs.

    Think about the kid in middle school today who wants to be a DJ….He already isn’t able to buy vinyl anywhere, and even if he did, they don’t even make 1200’s anymore. So, whatever record player he does buy will be modified to work with some computer and a DJ program. He won’t be buying CDs,(people barely buy CDs anymore now!) and thus he will only be able to buy Mp3s or some form of digital music, and thus he will be working with a laptop and some kind of controller.

    So, with all that said. I for one love and will always love the original art of DJing, but I also intend to remain relevant. Therefore, I have chosen to embrace the new technology and all that comes with it. But I also know that what I have over all the new “celebrity DJs”, is a world-class music library, the ability to switch between the old and the new technology, the experience to read crowds, and the ability to rock parties, and that makes me very valuable!! You don’t get all of that with a new DJ program! So, shout out to DJ Yezzy World Peace & all the people that want to be a DJ like me! (Imitation Is The Most Sincere Form Of Flattery).

  3. michelle says:

    I do think to a certain extent that some of the technology that is out makes it easier for celebrities to call themselves a DJ. I belive that some of them played around with Serato for min, thought they were hot, someone gased them up and BAM! DJ whomever is born. Some may have been studying the art but no one ever knew about it. Rappers need to stay rappers, and Djs need to be DJs, there is a lot more to the craft than just putting songs together.

  4. let them do what they…….the dj world is not for hate so fuck you hater….

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