Eazy E Teaches A Lesson/ Nas Owes IRS/ Dame Dash And Curren$y Legal Suit/ New Music and Videos

Posted: March 28, 2012 in Hip Hop News

A Lesson Via Eazy E: Rate Of HIV Infection Among Black Women Alarmingly High

By Biba Adams

According the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), HIV is the third leading cause of death for Black women and men ages 35-44. Today, on the 17th anniversary of the death of Eazy E, from complications due to HIV, AllHipHop.com informs on this disease and the devastation it has wrought on the Black community.

Since the discovery and clinical observation of the disease in the 1980s, HIV and AIDS continue to be viewed as a disease that mostly affects homosexuals. However, African-Americans account for 44 percent of all new HIV infections, despite being only 14 percent of the American population. In fact, the CDC estimates that as many as one-in-32 African-American women will be diagnosed with HIV in their lifetime.

In a new study by the HIV Prevention Trials Network (HPTN) announced early March, 2,099 African-American women were tested for HIV. Of this number, 32 had the virus and were unaware of their status, within one year of the initial test; an additional .24 percent of women had contracted the disease. Women in the United States represent one-quarter of new infections, and 66 percent of these women… are Black.

According to the CDC, 85 percent of women infected with HIV, were infected through heterosexual sex. To further illustrate this point, Eazy E maintained that he never had a sexual encounter with a male. And, no women who claimed to be infected by Eazy E ever came forth.

“While African American women do not engage in more risky behaviors than other women, a complex range of social and environmental factors place them at greater risk for HIV,” the CDC said in a statement announcing the launch of a new campaign – “Take Charge. Take the Test.” – aimed at curbing the HIV crisis among Black women. The social and environmental factors that place Black women at a higher risk for the disease are lack of health care, poverty, and a stigma within the community that prevents testing.

In the HIV Prevention Trials Network study, six urban areas were identified as being hardest hit by the AIDS epidemic are: Baltimore, Atlanta, Raleigh-Durham, Washington, D.C., Newark, NJ, and New York City. The CDC’s new campaign, “Take Charge. Take the Test,” is encouraging people to know their status. Knowing your HIV status can inform the decisions women make and can be the first step to treatment. Most states offer free HIV testing, find the closest testing site to you at www.hivtest.org.

More information on the CDC, “Take Charge. Take the Test.” Initiative is available at www.actagainstaids.org. (AllHipHop)

Nas Owes $6 Million To IRS in Taxes

By Jakinder Singh

Nas’ next album is titled, Life is Good.But according to the IRS, things could be better.

According to TMZ, the Internal Revenue Service has filed documents in Georgia to have Nas’ wages collected—via the music publishing organizations BMI and ASCAP—until his debt of $6 million is paid off.

This news comes after TMZ originally reported in February that God’s Son was on the hook for an additional $339,000 in federal income tax that he owed for 2010, but kept from the IRS.

Judging by his recent releases, the massive tax lien against Nas doesn’t seem to be affecting his music. Last week, Nas released his latest single, “The Don,” which is produced by frequent collaborator Salaam Remi, Da Internz and Heavy D. It was a follow-up to the Queens MC’s last single, “Nasty,” which he released last summer.

“A lot of the tracks have [come from ideas] where I would take an idea from one of the guys that I’m working with and try to put it together with a different sound that I had in my head, or with someone else,” Nas recently told MTV News. “[I] just try to get people to collaborate who are not really used to working together and to get something different from me.” Though he didn’t give any further details on whom those collaborators would be, anyone familiar with Nas’ catalog is sure to expect some big-name endeavors.

“It’s a summer album,” he added. “We’re gonna shoot the video for ‘The Don’ and get ready for the next song that’s in the chamber. It ain’t gon’ stop. It’s a whole story. ‘[The] Don’ just dropped, so we’re just letting that bubble and setting up the next one.” (XXLMag)

Curren$y Sues Damon Dash Over Music

By Gina Montana

Curren$y is taking his one-time friend, Damon Dash, to court.

The rapper filed a lawsuit against Dame for $1.5 million in damages for releasing Curren$y music he had no right to drop, reports TMZ.

In the lawsuit, Curren$y claims he and  Jay-Z’s former business partner tried to come to an agreement to release music together in 2010 —the same year Dash released two of Curren$y’s albums —but the deal never materialized. So, Curren$y went off and signed a deal with Warner Bros. in January 2011. Apparently, Dash continued to released the rhymeslinger’s music despite him being signed to WB, which gave Warner exclusive rights to Curren$y’s records.

Dame has since responded to the accusations, alleging he has the right to release the albums because he was given permission to do so. Damon went on to say Curren$y back-stabbed him for backing out of their agreement and signing to Warner instead.

A jude hasn’t ruled on the case as of press time. (XXLMag)

Dame Dash Addresses Curren$y Suit

Dame Dash has addressed the lawsuit filed against him by his former artist, rapper Curren$y. In a statement released via his lawyer, Dash shared his take on the dispute between he and Curren$y which stems from allegations  of Dame Dash’s unauthorized release of Curren$y’s music.

“My client’s initial reaction to the lawsuit was that of surprise, particularly in light of Curren$y’s numerous statements that the ‘Muscle Car Chronicles’ would be released by BluRoc,” stated Dash’s attorney, Joshua E. Seidman. “On March 15, 2012, the plaintiffs appeared in Federal Court to argue for a preliminary injunction seeking to enjoin my client from the continued distribution of the ‘Muscle Car Chronicles’.

“The plaintiffs’ application was denied in open Court by Federal Judge Andrew Carter and the album was permitted to remain available through iTunes and other retailers. While the situation remains ongoing, we are hopeful that an amicable resolution can be reached,” Seidman continued. “My client wishes Curren$y the best in all of his future career endeavors. However, he has expressed a deep concern with respect to the manner in which the artist’s attorney and manager have conducted themselves. He sincerely hopes that Curren$y is not being misled or pressured into making unwise decisions, such as the filing of what appears to be a potentially frivolous litigation.” (HipHopBlog)


DJ Khaled feat. Chris Brown, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj, & Lil Wayne – Take It To The Head



Meek Mill – I’m Rollin



Fabolous – She Did It



2 Chainz Feat. Meek Mills – Stunt


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