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Posted: April 10, 2012 in Hip Hop News

Rick Ross Suffers Apparent Seizure In Houston

Conflicting reports from Houston last night as Rick Ross was scheduled to perform at the newly renamed Bayou Music Center tonight. According to the venue, Ross suffered a seizure in his hotel room and abruptly cancelled his performance. This is the second time in less than six months that the MMG leader has suffered a health setback as you recall he suffered two seizures while on a Memphis flight in 2011. More on this story as it develops.

UPDATE (3:10 AM CST): Reports remain conflicted but most seem to align with the story that promoters didn’t pay Ross his fee and made the announcement of a “seizure” in order to cover their image. Janky promoters? (

Rah Digga Barks At Tyler The Creator On ‘Nigga In Me’

Seems like a certain female MC has had enough of Tyler The Creator’s tough talk. Former Flipmode Squad member Rah Digga has decided to step up and defend herself and fellow female MC Lyte on the track “The N—a In Me” after the Odd Future frontman verbally attacked the two lyricists.

“I was trying to support this young black man” Digga spits on the song. “It’s too bad, you probably lost your only black fan/Take it any further, and you might catch a backhand, b—h.”

Rah Digga is speaking out after Tyler repeatedly taunted her on Twitter saying “Happy Fathers Day.” Prior to that the Creator was under a bit of fire for calling out MC Lyte on wax.

“See these girls talkin’ all that s–t (What?)/I’m just tryna see some t–s (What?)/,” Tyler raps on “Rella” off the new Odd Future album. “Let’s get it poppin’ like, MC Lyte, around some dykes/I’m, out this b—h like hocus pocus/And me and Lucas got a couple of pickles.”

Following the release of the album MC Lyte responded expressing her anger over Tylers bars.

“Yeah, I definitely was insulted. First off, it’s totally new school” Lyte told website “[Tyler] has yet to understand — although he can have quite a bit of followers and fans, it does take a moment from one’s entry in the business for them to really understand what it is that we do for other people. And how we inspire them, and how we influence them, and how we can literally make or break another human being’s day. And with all that I’ve done throughout my years in inspiring generations of people, I think it very irresponsible of him. With saying that, we do have a generation that is quite irresponsible when it comes to what it is that they’ll say [and] their behavior. [But still], it took me by surprise. One, because I know of people who know him and kind of hold him in high esteem. [But] from that action alone, I don’t know that I feel it worthy for me to address it in any other format, outside of this. But, yeah, I thought it was very careless.”

Days later Tyler cleared up any speculation of a dis towards MC Lyte while at the same time making note he wouldn’t be issuing an apology.

“I don’t know if she’s gay or not,” Tyler told DJ Drama. “It was a joke. But if she took offense, so be it — I’m not gonna apologize, but I didn’t mean for her feelings to get hurt. Usually people in that position, you’d think they would laugh it off and go on with their day. But I guess she caught feelings. I didn’t mean to do that, but whatever.”

Lyte may have decided to take the high road on wax but Digga wasn’t letting the sly MC get off so easy.

“In my 20 YEARS of putting out music I’ve never engaged in publicity stunts” DIgga tweeted earlier today. “Where I come from u say my name u get served. Simple. &. Plain.” (

Mobb Deep’s Havoc Lashes Out At Prodigy, Engages in Twitter Beef

by Rashad Phillips

Havoc has lashed out at his Mobb Deep cohort Prodigy on Twitter.

In a lengthy Twitter rant, Havoc calls Prodigy a “fake Jay-Z,” making claims that P engaged in homosexual affairs while in prison. He also poked fun at P, stating that “he think him and Rihanna getting married” and that he would be too afraid to confront Havoc if he saw him.

According to Devi Dev, MTV’s Sway Calloway texted Havoc to confirm the tweets and Hav responded that they were “Very Real.” It could be possible that Havoc’s phone was stolen.

Read the Twitter diatribe in full below.

@prodigymobbdeep we got a meeting, lets see if u built to show ur face. prodigy abitch and I’m gonna show it, follow!! ground breaking new. i got niggas in the jail system to to back up that prodigy was fucking homes in jail. prodigy prove me wrong! please. i have a big announcement…. and niggas that was locked wit him know the truth. now i will silence…. and let the jails take care of the rest. thats on everything, i had to smack P ask him. prodigy u pussy! u long island ass bitch. I’m about to expose u! i can’t wait till niggas in jail that was wit u back my shit up!! next time i see u , u getting layer out, on camera!! i can’t wait! how u say u live in jersey, but right there in queens??? I’m on top of u… pause… foot on thy neck!!! in a minute…. niggas that was in the jail wit him gonna blow him up first hand.!!!! prodigy a hider not a rider. nothing hacked P homo y’all. no hack this havoc. P IS HIDING!!! IM GONNA SHOW U P GETTING KNOCKED OUT!!!!!!!!!!!! WATCH HE TRY TO DODGE ME!! THINK ABOUT IT… HOW COULD HE SAY,,, QB MURDERERS ??? LETS DO A ONE ON ONE!!!!! ME AND P!!! HE SO BUTTTT HE WILL AVOID!!!! OH, ONE MORE THING, HE THINK HIM AND RIHANNA GETTING MARRIED!!!! LMFAOOOOOOOO. THIS50…. HOLLA AT ME XXL HOLLA AT ME P A FAKE JAY Z HOLLA BACK!!!!! (

Sources are still trying to gather more information and confirm whether or not Havoc’s Twitter page was hacked. The Hip Hop Discussion will keep you updated on this developing story.

 Former NFL Star Warren Sapp Files For Bankruptcy

Being broke is a joke that’s not funny. Former NFL star defensive tackle Warren Sapp has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in South Florida.

Sapp has dug himself into a deep hole financially, owing more than $6.7 million to creditors, back child support and alimony. He claims $6.45 million in assets, which includes everything from 240 pairs of Jordans worth almost $6,500 to a lion skin rug worth $1,200.

The future football Hall of Famer also reported losing his 2002 Super Bowl ring with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and his 1991 championship ring from the University of Miami. Sapp isn’t sweating it, telling TMZ: “That ring didn’t make me a champion, my team and I did.”

Currently, the star works for the NFL Network, reportedly making $540,000 per year. His contract ends in August. (


Nicki Minaj Feat 2 Chainz – Beez In The Trap

Drake Feat. Lil Wayne HYFR

2 Chainz Riot


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