Diddy Tops Forbes/ G. Dep Found Guilty/ Nas, Common Praise ‘Pac/ DJs United Conference/ New Music

Posted: April 18, 2012 in Hip Hop News

Diddy Tops ‘Forbes Five’ Wealthiest Hip Hop Artist List

by Latifah Muhammad

Records sales aren’t what they used to be, and one of his former artists just caught a murder charge, but make no mistake, Diddy is still doing well for himself. Forbes has named the mogul the wealthiest hip-hop artist of 2012. For the second year in a row Mr. Combs topped the list above the likes of Jay-Z, 50 Cent, and other usual suspects.

The Bad Boy Records head netted $550 million last year, putting him one step closer to becoming hip-hop’s first billionaire.  Among the business collaborations fattening his pockets include his partnership with Ciroc vodka, his Sean Jean clothing line, and the Blue Fame marketing agency. The 42-year-old is also planning to follow in the footsteps of Oprah Winfrey, by launching his own network next year, which likely keep him on the Forbes’  list for years to come.

Coming in second place on the list was Jay who earned an impressive $460 million, due in part to his successful ‘Watch the Throne Tour,’ which will head overseas this summer. Next was the current king of holograms, Dr. Dre with $270 million, followed by Birdman who made $125 million last year.

Rounding out the list is 50 Cent who, despite not dropping a single album in over two years, earned of $100 million. He stays winning. (HipHopWired.com)

G. Dep Found Guilty Of 2nd Degree Murder

by Houston Williams

G. Dep, former Bad Boy Records rapper, has been found guilty of second degree murder, for a shooting that occurred in 1993.

The rapper confessed to a shooting two years ago, to which police connected him to a murder.

G.Dep, real name Trevell Coleman, proclaimed his innocence in the murder case.

He faces no less than 15 years in prison in the sentencing phase, which is slated for May 8.

The jury came back with a verdict after three days of arguments and another two days of deliberations.

Dep confessed to the shooting in December of 2010, which was a botched robbery that resulted in the shooting death of a man named John Henkel.

Dep said at the time that he was wrought with guilt and stricken with drug addiction when he confessed.

“Trevell is a very courageous person, very different of people from this era: he has a conscience and a heart,” G. Dep’s lawyer Anthony Riccio said outside of the court room. “It’s probably one of the most powerful statements that a rapper has ever made, and that’s to be accountable. I told him not to regret his decision, and that God won’t abandon him.” (allhiphop.com)

Nas, Common Praise Tupac Hologram At Coachella

by Sean Ryon

It’s been three days since Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg debuted the live hologram performance of their late partner Tupac Shakur at Coachella, and Hip Hop is still weighing in on the results. Now, two of Pac’s ’90s era peers – Nas and Common – react to the infamous performance.

Nas recently caught up with Billboard to explain his reaction to the posthumous performance from the Death Row star. He said that the performance was a stunning reminder of Pac’s sheer talent and prised Snoop and Dre for making the performance happen.

“Tupac has almost become Elvis, where people still think he’s alive, so the hologram thing I thought was genius of Dr. Dre and Snoop,” Nas explained. “It just shows you how amazing Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg are, and how they hard they’re riding for their West Coast brother Tupac, in the name of Hip Hop music. I thought it was a great look for Hip Hop as a whole – it stepped Hip Hop up a notch. And it was also revolutionary on a performance scale…that’s what it’s all about. We love Tupac, the world loves Tupac, and he’s one of the greatest hip-hop artists who ever lived. He deserves that, to be celebrated like that and remembered like that.”

Common also weighed in on the performance with Global Grind, saying that is was a shining moment for Hip Hop culture. He added that he feels the performance’s publicity will help keep the slain rapper’s spirit and music alive for a younger generation who didn’t get the chance to experience it when he was alive.

“I think the fact that we can continue to pay homage to what Tupac meant to Hip Hop and to music and to the culture [is] great,” said Common. “Unfortunately the brother passed, but the fact that we can give people the vehicle for people to enjoy and remember what he means to music and our culture is great as a whole. The good part is you have artists like Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg…who knew Tupac and at the same token, have a high regard for Tupac and keeping the tradition alive and keeping that spirit out there and reminding people, ‘Man…we loved him.” (hiphopdx.com)

DJs United Conference Kicks Off April 20-22 in Indianapolis, IN

DJs, artists, and professionals from around the country will descend upon Indianapolis, for the DJ’s United Conference that is set to get started this weekend (April 20-22).

The DJs United conference features a line up of panelists and workshops that will include industry professionals and executives from around the country.

A number of DJ organizations have combined forces to present the conference.

Crews like Blok Club DJs, Conglomerate DJs, Crowd Rocka DJs, Derrty DJs, Dis SPINsters DJs, Drum Squad DJs, Heatspinners DJs, Hittmenn Midwest DJs, Hub City DJs, KYMP Kamp DJs, Nerve DJs, O-State DJs, Slip and Slide DJs, Sniper Squad DJs, TraKCbanga DJs, and XSquad DJs are involved in the weekend event.

Panelists for the weekend will come courtesy of companies like Epic, eOne, Mizzay Ent., WHHH, EMI, Universal, Atlantic, Selecto Hits, Platinum Hip Hop Trading Cards, Star Quality Firm, MECAP, J Jones Ent, Hip Hop Union, Gracie Productions, KD Staffing, Jus Promotions, Industry Works, and more.

The goal of the conference is to expand attendees’ knowledge on topics such as publishing, digital marketing, management, contract law and how to develop a proper relationship between DJ’s and artists.

eOne will be introducing their latest artists Driicky Graham and Friday 4 Eva at the “Welcome to Indy Party” with Fonzworth Bentley, Huey, Enertia and Miltickit. Conference attendees will get to attend the show at Cloud 9 (5150 W 38th St. Indianapolis, IN).

Saturday night’s Official DJs United Showcase will be hosted by Comedian Mike Samp and will include a prize package to the winner who will be chosen by the DJ Coalitions.

The prize package includes, distribution (Select-O-Hits), a digital marketing package (Tweet My Song and MP3Waxx.com), mixing and mastering for a single, graphics (Eyesee Enterprises), a conference call with each of the participating DJ Coalitions, a write-up in Twenty4seven magazine, H.Y.P.E. magazine, and a package from Industry Works, and Soundcheckny.com (internet radio station 150 spins).

Sponsors for the event include: eOne Music, Rap-A-Lot Records, Platinum Hip Hop Trading Cards, Tweetmysong.com, Intro, Select-O-Hits, Russell Law, Hype Magazine, Twenty4Seven Magazine, Hip Hop Union, Strapped Condoms, Eye-see Enterprises, M.E.C.A.P., Royal Blunts, Nerve DJs, DJ A&R, Stopbeefinradio.com, Brightwood Entertainment, Midwestmixtapes.com, and many up and coming artists.

Pre-registration admission to the conference is $99 and is open until April 19, 2012 at 5pm.

For more information check www.djsunitedconference.com.


Cory Gunz feat. 2 Chainz – Ya’ll Ain’t Got Nothin On Me


Nas – Black Girl Lost Part 2


Cam’ron – Love My Life




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