DJ Jazzy Jeff On The Need For DJs/ Azealia Banks Fires Back At T.I./ Best of Best Festival in M.I.A./ 50 Sued Over Sample

Posted: April 24, 2012 in Hip Hop News

Salute The Spin Doctors!: DJ Jazzy Jeff Reminds Us Why The World Needs DJs and His Signature Pro-Keds Sneaker

by JP DelaCuesta

DJs carried the original torch for Hip-Hop – back when there were no MCs! is taking a little time out to “Salute the Spin Doctors” this month. Check back for more feature stories and editorials with some of the top DJs across the country.

Let’s just make one thing clear, you can’t possibly “Salute the Spin Doctors” without talking to Jeffrey Allen Townes first. Known best to the world as DJ Jazzy Jeff, he is one half of the duo who won the first ever Grammy Award for Rap with their 1989 hit  single, “Parents Just Don’t Understand”. Not to be forgotten as his partner’s star rose, Jeff has continued to DJ, produce, and help develop and guide budding music careers.

With Virginia’s own Skillz by his side and Hip-Hop icon Biz Markie handling duties on the 1′s and 2′s during a recent in-store appearance at West N.Y.C., Jazzy Jeff mingled and socialized with curious onlookers of his upcoming sneaker, along with all-around admirers and appreciators of the immense time, work, and overall class that Jeff has contributed to Hip-Hop for almost three decades. was on hand to catch up with Jazzy Jeff during his Pro-Keds in-store and got him to speak on the signature sneaker that he designed for release in November. He also noted whether he has any desires to venture out further into the sneaker fashion game.

Jeff then went into “spinner” mode and compared the role and importance of the DJ 20 years ago to what it is today. In addition to some other great tidbits, DJ Jazzy Jeff told he is ultimately responsible for Mac Miller and DJ Premier hooking up, and that he thoroughly supports the Pittsburgh native in all of his endeavors.

Check out’s full interview with DJ Jazzy Jeff below:

Follow DJ Jazzy Jeff on Twitter (@DJJazzyJeff215). (

Azealia Banks Responds To T.I’s “Bitch Shit” Comments

by Sean Ryon

T.I. upped the ante earlier today in the feud between his Grand Hustle signee Iggy Azalea and Harlem upstart Azealia Banks when he referred to their ongoing beef as “bitch shit.” Now, Banks took to Twitter to respond to the King of the South.

In a series of recent Tweets, Azealia Banks assailed T.I. for his comments, saying that the feud between her and the Australian rapper was dead before he weighed in on it. She also chided Tip, calling him a “fucking clown” and conjecturing that he gave police information on other individuals for a reduced sentence in his 2008 case for purchasing illegal firearms.

The full series of Tweets aimed at T.I. can be found below.

T.I. has yet to respond to the barbs thrown at him by Banks. DX will keep you updated as more information comes to light.

@AZEALIABANKS ♥ YUNG RAPUNXEL ♥ @tip T.i …. Please shut the fuck up about this. Like seriously quit it. Apr 23 via Twitter for iPhone Favorite Retweet Reply

@AZEALIABANKS ♥ YUNG RAPUNXEL ♥ @tip funny how you have plenty of time to address me but have nothing to say to the dudes who been calling u at as a snitch forever. Apr 23 via Twitter for iPhone Favorite Retweet Reply

@AZEALIABANKS ♥ YUNG RAPUNXEL ♥ @tip it’s dead… The streets already know what kind of dude you are. Stop making yourself look softer by dragging this out. Apr 23 via Twitter for iPhone Favorite Retweet Reply

@AZEALIABANKS ♥ YUNG RAPUNXEL ♥ @tip ain’t you the same dude that got photographed butt naked n a pair of sneakers and a beanie???!?! Apr 23 via Twitter for iPhone Favorite Retweet Reply

@AZEALIABANKS ♥ YUNG RAPUNXEL ♥ @tip what a fucking clown. Apr 23 via Twitter for iPhone Favorite Retweet Reply  (

Rappers Headline Best of Best Festival In Miami For Memorial Day

by Roman Wolfe

A number of top rappers will descend upon Miami this Memorial Day weekend for the sixth annual Best Of The Best Concert.

The sixth annual Best Of The Best Concert, which is being sponsored by CIROC, will take place at Bicentennial Park on Sunday, May 27.

Fabolous, Meek Mill, French Montana, 2 Chainz, DJ Khaled and Ace Hood will represent the genre of Hip-Hop during the event, which will be hosted by Hot 97′s Funkmaster Flex.

Artists like Shaggy, Mavado, Marcia Griffiths, Admiral Bailey, Iwer George, Frankie Paul and Brianna will represent Reggae, Dancehall, Soca and Kompa music.

According to promoters, most of the acts will be backed by New Kingston Band or Ruff Kut Band.

The 6th annual Best Of The Best Concert will take place at Bicentennial Park on Sunday, May 27. (

50 Cent Sued Over Sample

Rapper 50 Cent is being sued by Robert Poindexter of 70s R&B vocal group The Persuaders over a sample that was used on a mixtape track from over three years ago. Poindexter filed suit in New York over the uncleared use of the Persuaders’ track “Love Gonna Pack Up and Walk Away” which was used on “Redrum,” included on 50 Cent’s “War Angel LP.”

“Fifty Cents [sic] has not denied the infringement, but appears to be basing his defense solely on a frivolous and immaterial claim that the illegal version is not being commercially exploited, but is given away for free,” Poindexter wrote in the suit.

Poindexter is suing for unspecified statutory damages, $600,000 in punitive damages and interest. (

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